Manga Web Comic Review: 4 Cut Hero

Joe Delbridge and the good people at have made me aware of a very intriguing web comic created by Gojira-Kun called 4 Cut Hero that is available on the Lezhin website.  4 Cut Hero is a satirical, clever comic that is a fantasy story that simultaneously pokes fun at the tropes in fantasy stories and the otaku that love them.The story begins with our hero, Zeed Toven, defeating an evil Demon General.  However, the princess that he thinks he is rescuing is actually a cross-dressing prince named Prince Ruda.

Disappointed and disillusioned, Zeed tries to get a regular job and move on with his life.  Sadly, Zeed’s magic and fighting abilities are not really applicable to the working world.  Zeed becomes an otaku and spends his time reading manga and being a couch potato.   Also, another Demon General, Fogue, becomes his roomate.  Fogue is a bit of a pervert and loves dressing beautiful women in weird cosplay outfits.   Soon, the daughter of the Demon General that Zeed killed,  Zena, comes into the picture.  She alternates between wanting to kill Zeed and wanting to be intimate with him.  By day, she works in a maid cafe.  Eventually, she teams up with Zeed.  They have to deal with a host of villains, including Prince Ruda. They also encounter a formidable opponent in the forrm of Regi Rugas, a Red Dragon with a feminine human form.  She loves Zeed and wants to eat him.

4 Cut Hero is a humorous, wacky,  action-packed tale that is very addictive.  If you like action and fantasy, if you enjoy seeing different tropes made fun of, and if you can admit that otaku can be a little obsessive about some things, you will enjoy this webcomic.  The installments are fast-paced, and the humor is very spot-on.  Gojira-Kun’s writing feels like a conversation between you and your fellow otaku friend that contains good-natured teasing and never outright condemnation.  The first 89 installments of 4 Cut Hero can be viewed for free at .

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