Machinima works with Hasbro on two new “Transformers” series

YouTube stalwarts Machinima have been working with the good people at Hasbro on a series of Transformers cartoons for a few years now.  The latest cartoon, Titans Return, continues where the initial cartoon, Combiner Wars, left off.  In Combiner Wars, Starscream was able to merge several combiner robots into a Super Combiner robot.  The Combiners are the giant robots formed by combining several smaller robots;  for example, the six Constructicons form the giant robot Devastator.  Optimus Prime, Megatron, and other robots foiled his scheme and freed the Combiner robots.

Starscream has returned with a new scheme in Titans Return.  Having found himself disembodied, his presence has taken over the giant robot Trypticon.  In typical Starscream fashion, he is wreaking havoc on Cybertron.  A reluctant Optimus Prime returns to join the battle.  He is joined by popular female Transformer Windblade and the female combiner robot Victorion.  Computron, Devastator, and Menasor are the other combiner robots battling Trypticon.  Perceptor is also attempting to assist them in the battle against Trypticon, as is Megatron.

Combiner Wars is a fast-paced, 10 episode series with high stakes, brilliant writing, and magnificent voice acting.  Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, returns to the role, replacing the Honest Trailers guy Jon Bailey.  I enjoyed Bailey’s work in Combiner Wars, but Cullen is one of the voices of my childhood.  Judd Nelson plays Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime, a role he hasn’t played since the 1986 animated film  The Transformers: The Movie.  Also, veteran geek Wil Wheaton plays Perceptor.  These are just a few of the familiar voice talent from YouTube and TV and film that are in this project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   There are nostalgia feels from the voice casting, exhilarating action sequences,  and a shock ending that has me waiting impatiently for the third and final cartoon in this series.  Plus, it’s Generation One (G1) Transformers!!  I’ve tried watching the latest iterations of Transformers cartoons on TV, but lost interest because they’re clearly written for small children.  This is vintage Transformers action and characters.  My only complaint about this series was that initially, the episodes were on, which is a wannabe YouTube site.  Currently, though, Machinima placed all the episodes on YouTube.  If you’re a fan of  G1 Transformers, I give this the highest possible recommendation.  Check it out, and enjoy some good old-fashioned robot battles.

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