Devilman CryBaby Mini Review


 Devilman CryBaby likens dark undertone of anime series such as Berserk. However, has some interesting elements with the Hip Hop urban tones which reminds me of Samurai Champloo. At first the animation seems simplistic but it really works well with the action scenes. Akira character design is very cool aesthetically for us fictosexuals. Yea their are people who think animated characters are drawn hot. An honest critique I have with Devilman CryBaby is that it feels rushed which results in quick plot movements from scene-to-scene. In my opinion, when an  Anime is done this way, it’s make the viewer lose a sense of time and makes events that happen over a period of time appear to occur all at once.  I believe this results in major events having less of impact on viewers. Preferably, it would have been nice to have more time to get to know the cast of characters by having episodes dedicated to their back stories. Speaking of back stories the Wamu Gang with their dope rhymes needed more than rapping cameos. Who is the Wamu Gang? How did they start? Devilman Crybaby is definitely worth a watch but it will leave you wishing their were more episodes.

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