Akida’s Love-Hate Relationship with Anime


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My love-hate relationship with anime stems with the overabundance of it that has saturated the genre of art. In addition, the increase popularity has resulted in use of digital techniques to keep up with it’s consumption. However, I feel like this leads to replacing detailed characterization with generic versions that look like they were ripped right of the pages of those “How To Draw Anime Books”. I understand that the traditional animation technique which is drawing scenes frame-by-frame is time consuming, but this is the reason I fell in love with Anime. Additionally, being a gamer unless it done really well I feel like FPS of generated animation moves slower than a video game. Eye-popping fast pace battles need to move so fast, that your eyes must catch up and considering most Shounen style Anime have been transformed into video games, one would expect the same quality you get from controlling the character yourself.

The next aspect I would like to discuss is confusing story plots, endings that crush your soul, the lack of satisfaction felt by completion, and too much gap filler. In the past an animated series didn’t seem to be created without the Mangaka moving deep into the story and character development. For example, the two Full Metal Alchemist series of which only one followed the manga to the letter. Let’s jump past the confusing story plot for now because I would like to tie in my latter statement with the second point which is soul crushing endings. I believe these soul crushing endings are caused by rushed projects squeezing everything into 13 to 26-episode format or the other spectrum to much gap filler leading to excessive creation of things that never happen in the manga, that you might like but won’t let you down easy if they don’t pan out well. I suppose this kind of goes along with the lack of gratification by rushed sloppy endings. However, I guess if I perceive it as not canon as I do with comics, which is pretty much what majority of the cinematic universe, it might not be so lackluster. However, the big difference is for the most part a lot of the elements don’t stray too far away, and they don’t try to squeeze decades of history into 2-hour movie. I am not saying western comics are better or that it is a war between the East and West or that the movies they produce are even great (cough cough) DC (cough cough) Fox but I think comic fans no to go with low expectations. Bringing me to the last point, you can’t have any expectation if you don’t know what you just watched. EXAMPLE TIME: Evil Space Chickens from an alternative reality of a dystopian future creates Xeo Suit Mechs that can only be piloted by half-naked prepubescent girls with unicorn horns to fight in a war that’s been going on for eons. However, no one knows why and how it started nor why the girls have unicorn horns. Xeo Suits Mechs can only be fueled by some unknown black substance, sexual frustration, and shoujo-style friendships that are kinky. Also, the main character is a NORMAL HUMAN MALE, who discovered that he can also pilot a Xeo Suit Mech with his harlem of unicorn-horned classmates. Tune in for the next episode of Owari no Xeo Buko Wo Aishiteru Shine!


I suppose in the end I will always be in love with complexity of the art or being super good so my mother would let me check out two Anime from BlockBuster. I enjoyed the adventure of finding your next anime because it wasn’t so easily accessible, or mass produced. It was fun hoping the bus line to go to a random store out in willafucktuville with a tiny section of Anime. Also, it was fun when I knew what series the characters came from because it was not a ton with the same character archetypes. Also, it was fun when I understand the plot but it wasn’t so obvious on the 3rd episode. Even with all that being said their is a special place in my heart for Anime because it is a part of my identity.

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